Asset Protection

An asset protection attorney like Sean Tanko can help individuals protect their assets.

An asset protection lawyer in Las Vegas works with clients to protect their wealth from being seized when they encounter legal challenges. Asset protection lawyers are knowledgeable in the local laws and regulations in Nevada that protect individuals from creditors and other legal actions. Asset protection lawyers generally work with clients to create a long-term plan that protects their assets well into the future.

Why Hire an Asset Protection Attorney?


Like filing taxes, there are some do-it-yourself options for building a personal asset protection plan. Initially, a DIY option may sound appealing for saving money compared to hiring an attorney. While a DIY asset protection plan can be used to set up trusts, wills, estates, and more, individuals who don’t have a working knowledge of Nevada laws may end up creating weak protection plans that will not hold up in a legal dispute. Therefore, hiring an asset protection attorney in Las Vegas is worth the investment to make sure your asset protection plans are legally sound and protect your assets when challenged under law rather than drain your financial savings.

Updates to Nevada Law

An important reason to hire an asset protection lawyer in Las Vegas is to ensure your asset protection plan complies with current Nevada law. An asset protection lawyer will know about the latest updates to Nevada law that will provide maximum protection against creditors and legal action. Within the past ten years, the Nevada Revised Statutes have been updated to allow asset protection trusts to be formed within the state as a means to protect personal assets. This modification allows settlers to retain more control over their trust using powers of appointment. An asset protection lawyer will understand this significant change and help you prepare your asset protection plan accordingly.

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Who Needs an Asset Protection Attorney?


An asset protection attorney can help several individuals protect their assets, including:

  • Real estate investors
  • Business owners
  • Professionals
  • Estate taxpayers

An attorney can work with real estate investors to safeguard their properties from risks and liabilities. Similarly, an attorney will work with business owners to separate their assets from possible business liabilities. Asset protection lawyers can also protect doctors, dentists, and even other attorneys from financial damage caused by lawsuits. Estate taxpayers also benefit from hiring an attorney to maximize their exemptions. Along with these categories, asset protection lawyers help many other clients as well.

Plan Ahead

As with creating trusts, estates, and other long-term financial protection plans, you’ll want to start planning an asset protection plan as early as possible. Contact a skilled Las Vegas asset protection lawyer today to get sound legal guidance well before any legal issues arise. Doing so will protect your finances from legal battles and potentially avoid additional costs associated with litigation, which can also be expensive and time-consuming.

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“Sean is not your typical attorney. He is down to earth and a great communicator. I was able to leave my father with him so that he could ask him all the questions he needed to understand my father’s wishes for his estate. Sean is kind and patient and a great listener. I trust him implicitly, as does my father. I’ve been very protective of my parents as they aged. With Sean, you never have to worry. He always has the clients’ best interests at heart!”

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Trust Administration and Beneficiary Representation

Sean will listen closely to your situation, and then advise you of the best way to handle your estate, whether that means setting up a will, trust, guardianship, or other legal document. Drafting and filing these legal documents are the best way to give your family members the most freedom when you die and to settle your affairs as soon as possible. Sean knows that their peace of mind is one of your most significant concerns. He can help move probate along with the least amount of delay and expense possible, keeping your family members informed throughout the process. In some cases, he can avoid probate entirely.

Sean Tanko provides trust administration and beneficiary representation. In cases where planning did not occur beforehand, he can also mediate any disagreements among family members concerning competing documents or other issues, and work with the executor of the will (the person the deceased selected to carry out the will’s intentions) to make necessary decisions and distribute proceeds.

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