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A probate attorney can help execute an estate or “administrate” the estate in the absence of a will. Probate attorneys may also assist with estate planning, including drafting living trusts and wills. A probate attorney Las Vegas can act as an administrator or executor and provide advice for family members on the powers of attorney. Probate attorneys are hired to administer a deceased individual’s estate and resolve any claims or disputes that arise. Probate attorneys keep family members informed throughout the probate process and notify them of any important decisions that need to be made.

How a Probate Attorney Can Help

Probate attorneys can assist family members following a loved one’s death. The lawyer’s recommended course of action depends primarily on whether or not the individual has left a will.

If there is a will, a probate lawyer in Las Vegas may be called upon to advise the parties involved. A probate attorney may begin by reviewing the will to make sure it is legally sound and was not written or signed against an individual’s best interests. For instance, elderly individuals who suffer from dementia or similar conditions are subject to influence from individuals who want a larger cut of their assets. Although most wills go through the probate process without an issue, an attorney can help navigate any challenges that might arise with a will.

Probate lawyers can also assist if an individual passes away without leaving a will. In this case, an estate is distributed according to state laws. As in cases where there is a will, the family may hire a probate attorney to administer the estate and distribute assets in accordance with state law.

Why Hire a Probate Lawyer?

Managing an individual’s assets following his or her death is a complicated process. A lawyer can help families avoid any legal complications that arise from administering an estate. Lawyers can also mitigate internal disagreements that may arise from an estate’s allocation. Generally, families hire lawyers when they are dealing with a large estate. Other considerations include the level of complexity in a state’s probate process, the relationship between the family members, the type of property in an estate, and the amount of funds in the estate.

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Finding a Probate Lawyer

Once you’ve decided to hire a probate lawyer in Las Vegas to handle your family’s estate distribution and probate needs, you’ll need to find a quality attorney. Contact our office to get the legal expertise and guidance you need from an experienced probate attorney knowledgeable in Nevada’s probate laws. You’ll get the support needed to navigate the probate process with compassion and consideration for your family’s unique circumstances.

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“Sean is not your typical attorney. He is down to earth and a great communicator. I was able to leave my father with him so that he could ask him all the questions he needed to understand my father’s wishes for his estate. Sean is kind and patient and a great listener. I trust him implicitly, as does my father. I’ve been very protective of my parents as they aged. With Sean, you never have to worry. He always has the clients’ best interests at heart!”

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Trust Administration and Beneficiary Representation

Sean will listen closely to your situation, and then advise you of the best way to handle your estate, whether that means setting up a will, trust, guardianship, or other legal document. Drafting and filing these legal documents are the best way to give your family members the most freedom when you die and to settle your affairs as soon as possible. Sean knows that their peace of mind is one of your most significant concerns. He can help move probate along with the least amount of delay and expense possible, keeping your family members informed throughout the process. In some cases, he can avoid probate entirely.

Sean Tanko provides trust administration and beneficiary representation. In cases where planning did not occur beforehand, he can also mediate any disagreements among family members concerning competing documents or other issues, and work with the executor of the will (the person the deceased selected to carry out the will’s intentions) to make necessary decisions and distribute proceeds.

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