It takes the experience and skill of a seasoned probate attorney in Las Vegas to successfully challenge a will. There are only certain categories of people who have a relationship to the decedent and have the legal standing to challenge the validity of a will in Nevada. Speaking with an experienced probate attorney in Las Vegas at the outset will help you determine whether you are entitled to contest a will and on what grounds your challenge could be successful.

can a will be contested?

Contesting a Will

Some of the main reasons why a will could be contested in Nevada include the following situations: the deceased was not competent at the time the will was written and signed, there was some sort of undue influence at the time the will was signed, the will fails to meet state law requirements, or that there was any kind of fraud involved in the process of making and signing the will. These circumstances can be more difficult to prove in court than you might think, which is why it is crucial to make sure that you have a solid case before filing your challenge in court.

When determining whether the deceased was competent enough to be able to make and sign a valid will, the courts in Nevada will consider the age of the deceased and whether he or she was able to understand what property was owned and how it was being distributed by the will. As long as those requirements are met, the will can stand up to a challenge based on mental incapacity. Courts are generally reluctant to accept challenges to a will, which is why it is vital that you have the knowledge and experience of a trusted probate attorney in Nevada before you move forward with contesting the validity of a will.

Learn More About Contesting a Will – Finding a Probate Attorney

If you want to find out what options may be available to you to challenge a will in Nevada, contact Las Vegas probate attorney Sean Tanko at 702-463-8700. The Law Office of Sean M. Tanko has successfully helped countless families in Las Vegas work through the complex estate planning process.

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