Secure Ways to Keep Your Passwords Organized

If you have an email account, a bank account or a social media profile, you have an account that is protected by a password. After your death, you want those accounts to either be closed or controlled by someone who has your best interests in mind. Therefore, it is important that you keep a list of passwords in a safe place that is easy to access.

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Put a List of Passwords in a Safe Deposit Box

If you don’t want to keep your passwords stored on a computer or other digital server, you can always write them down and keep them in a safe deposit box. The box itself can only be accessed by someone who has permission to do so, which means that the list should be safe while you’re alive. However, it may be necessary to leave a note telling an executor or other authorized person where the safe deposit box is. What if your trust is lost or destroyed? Click here to learn more.

Is Your Computer Password Protected?

If you access a bank account or other digital account through a single computer or mobile device, you may have chosen to save your passwords on that device. In such a scenario, it may only be necessary for an executor to know the password to the computer or tablet itself.

The password to your computer can be kept in a drawer or included as part of your will or other estate plan documents.

Do What Works Best for You

Regardless of how you keep track of your passwords, it is important that you do so in a way that is easy and convenient for you.

An estate planning lawyer in Las Vegas may provide additional advice and insight into how you can keep your digital assets organized and secure.

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