3 Will Locations to Consider – How & Where to Store Your Will

Read on to learn a few options to store your will after you’ve prepared it.

will locations to store your documents

Three Will Locations to Help Guarantee This Important Document’s Security

If you’ve created a will, you’re probably wondering where the best will locations are. This makes perfect sense as a will contains vital information that you should protect. Read on to learn three places you can keep your will.


An executor is defined as someone who is named in the will or appointed by the court who is given legal responsibility to take care of a deceased individual’s remaining financial obligations. Storing your will with executor is a great option because this will ultimately be someone you already trust with your financial information.

If you’re concerned about your executor seeing your will, just place it in a sealed envelope, and request that it only be opened in the case of your death.

Your Home

Storing your will in a secure location in your home may be another great option. If you choose to go this route, it’s a good idea to invest in a fire and waterproof safe to keep your will secure. This not only minimizes the risk of destroying your will in the event a natural disaster occurs, but it minimizes the risk of who has access to it. Only you and your executor would need to know where it is located inside your home.

With that said, be sure to give your executor the safe code along with the location of the safe.

County Clerk: One of the Best Locations to Store Your Will

Storing your will with your county clerk might be another great option depending on where you live. A county clerk will usually store it for a nominal fee. If you choose to store your will with the country clerk, be sure to tell your executor and beneficiaries. Generally, the county clerk won’t be the first place to look for a will so informing them will minimize complications.

If you have prepared your will and are considering your storing options, it’s a good idea to contact an estate planning lawyer in Las Vegas. An estate planning lawyer will help address your concerns about your will and provide you with insight on where to best keep it.

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