Probate is not a word that typically evokes warm and fuzzy feelings in the hearts and minds of most people. On the contrary, probate is typically thought of as a complicated and frustrating legal process that drains a deceased person and his or her family members of energy and money.

Probate Horror Stories – Mistakes, Misconception & Misunderstanding

There are countless examples of probate horror stories, but there are also valuable lessons to be learned from the unfortunate experiences of other people.

do not make these mistakes on probate

Mistakes Dealing With Probate

One of the biggest mistakes that residents of Nevada make in the probate process is assuming that they do not have sufficient assets to have to worry about probate. While it is true that a certain threshold exists, miscalculating your total wealth and failing to properly plan can leave your family members in the lurch when they are unexpectedly dealing with the lengthy probate process. Another costly probate mistake involves underestimating the number of claims that creditors may have against the estate. (Read more about missing heirs.)

One of the advantages of properly timing probate is that it can protect the estate from the reach of creditors after a certain deadline has passed. The probate process may drag out the settlement of the estate, but it can limit the timeline for creditors to file any claims. It also ensures that transfers of property and other assets are not subject to reversal down the line.

To avoid some of these mistakes and to find out information that can save you time and money, consider speaking with an experienced probate attorney. Probate is a situation that requires the insight of an attorney who regularly practices in this area of law and is able to communicate effectively with clients to make sure that their needs and concerns are met.

Do not wait until it’s too late to involve a lawyer.

Need a Las Vegas probate lawyer?

To make sure that you avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes in the probate process, contact an experienced probate lawyer in Las Vegas today. Attorney Sean Tanko is recognized as a trusted probate lawyer Las Vegas and is ready to answer your call today at 702-463-8700.

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